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*All academic articles are the sole copyright of the respective publishers. Materials are provided for personal, educational use only. Click on PDF to download a copy of the article.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

In Press

Schmitt, H.J., Black, A.L., Keefer, L.A, & Sullivan, D. (in press). In a double- bind: Time-space distanciation, socioeconomic status, and coping with financial stress in the United States. British Journal of Social Psychology. PDF



Schmitt, H.J., Sullivan, D., Goad, A.N., & Palitsky, R. (2022). Coping with chronic environmental contamination: Exploring the role of social capital. Journal of Environmental Psychology. 83, 101870. PDF


Schmitt, H.J. & Sullivan, D. (2022). Communities living with chronic environmental contamination: Leveraging interdisciplinarity to address environmental justice issues. Translational Issues in Psychological Science. PDF


Sullivan, D., Schmitt, H.J., & Goad, A.N. (in press). The socio-material force theory of identity. Theory & Psychology, 33(3): 353-374. PDF


Sullivan, D. & Schmitt, H.J. (2021). An existential view of biography and history: Synchronic and diachronic narratives. History and Philosophy of Psychology. PDF


Schmitt, H.J., Young, I.F., Keefer, L.A., Palitsky, R., Stewart, S., Goad, A., & Sullivan, D. (2021). Time-space distanciation as a decolonizing framework for psychology. Review of General Psychology25(4), 405-421. PDF


Sullivan, D., Schmitt, H.J., Calloway, E., Clausen, W., Tucker, P.G., Rayman, J., Gerhardstein, B. (2021). Chronic environmental contamination: A narrative review of psychosocial health consequences, risk factors, and pathways to community resilience. Social Science & Medicine. 276, 113877. PDF


Schmitt, H.J.,Calloway, E., Sullivan, D., Clausen, W., Tucker, P.G., Rayman, J., Gerhardstein, B. (2021). Chronic environmental contamination: A systematic review of psychological health consequences. Science of the Total Environment. 772, 145025. PDF



Calloway, E. E., Chiappone, A.L., Schmitt, H.J., Sullivan, D., Gerhardstein, B., Tucker, P.G., Rayman, J., Yaroch, A.L. (2020). Exploring community psychosocial stress related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination: Lessons learned from a qualitative study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 17(23), 8706. PDF

Palitsky, R., Schmitt, H.J., Sullivan, D., & Young, I.F. (2020). An existential analysis of responses to the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 61(2), 231-243. PDF


Schmitt, H.J., Keefer, L., Sullivan, D., Stewart, S. & Young, I. (2020). A brighter future: The effect of social class on responses to future debt. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 8(1), 78-107. PDF


Sullivan, D., Palitsky, R., & Schmitt, H.J.(2020). The spatialization and temporalization of environmental suffering. Narrative Inquiry, 30(2), 271-293. PDF

Book Chapters


Sullivan, D., Goad, A.N. & Schmitt, H.J. (in press). Existential psychology. In Routledge Handbook of Existential Human Science. Taylor & Francis.


Palitsky, R., Sullivan, D., Young, I., & Schmitt, H.J. (2020). Religion and the construction of identity. In C. Routledge & K. Vail (Eds.), The Science of Religion, Spirituality, and Existentialism (pp. 207-222). Elsevier.

Popular Press


Vail, K. (2021, May). Harrison Schmitt on environmental contamination and suffering. International Society for the Science of Existential Psychology (ISSEP) Innovation Spotlight.


Schmitt, H.J., Young, I., & Sullivan, D. (2019, December). Colonized immortality striving and racial dehumanization in Sorry to Bother You. Ernest Becker Foundation Newsletter: Death Denial at the Movies, 26(3), 6-7.


Under Review/In Revision 

Block, M., Schmitt, H.J., Mallahan, S., Sena, R., Magrath, P., Madhivanan, P. (under review). Key informant interviews to assess factors related to COVID-19 vaccination among healthcare workers in Pima County. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.

Jimenez, T. & Schmitt, H. J. (in prep). Neoliberalism and pandemics: A cultural psychological perspective. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.

In Preparation

Sullivan, D., Palitsky, R., Goad, A.N., & Schmitt, H.J. (in prep). Améry’s theory of collective trauma. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.


Schmitt,H.J., Sullivan, D., & Powell, A. (in prep). Social class and the shame of indebtedness. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.

Schmitt, H.J., Padilla, I., Schmaltz, K.E., & Sullivan, D. (in prep). Qualitative analysis of experiences with student debt. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.

Schmitt, H.J. & Jimenez, T. (in prep). Provide or punish: A multi-level investigation of policing and neoliberalism. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.

Sullivan, D., Young, I.F., & Schmitt, H.J. (in prep). Projections of the Devil: David Bakan’s psychology and Robert Egger’s films. Unpublished manuscript. University of Arizona.

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